Violet Meleska

        My heart is broken Mum Violet (Mockus) Meleska has passed, I am empty, lost and lonely. She was a spirited 97 years young with purple violet hair…. nails always painted in the latest colors….. never a complaint about life … always a flirty tease to men…. munching her way through naughty indulgences…. dark chocolates…. potato chips…. cookies…. her favorite Pepsi and fast food never compromising her health… not even a bout with Covid which didn’t affect her could take her down but sadly now old age and arthritis was her nasty nemesis… she had a bad fall out of her wheelchair this last week that included 8 stiches to her head and an infection took her life… a life well lived…. filled with passion and love for her late great love of her life…. her husband, Alfred who passed in 1982… love of her precious grandsons, Josh Landa and Jake Landa…. great grandkids, Sasha, Alex, Marcus, and Darius… and lastly her daughter, Phyllisann, her Ruta… just me… safe journey Ma… love you… Ush meilu tuva labbie… say hi to daddy from me… harm none… your devoted daughter Ruta.

Casey Family Options Funerals and Cremations

Stephen P. Casey, Funeral Director

(262) 653-0667

Thought for Violet Meleska

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