Q. How does Casey Family Options compare to other funeral providers?

A. Casey Family Options is a unique business in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have chosen to offer quality funerals at VALUE prices. There are other funeral providers that advertise significant “discounts” on service charges, but then they charge high costs for other portions of the funeral.

Casey Family Options will provide Value in all services and merchandise that we offer to the consumer – often saving our families 25% – 50% over traditional funeral homes.

Q. What are all the costs of a funeral?

A. There are 3 basic portions to the cost of a funeral.

1. Service Charge – cost for professional services, facilities, equipment, etc.
2. Funeral Merchandise – caskets, outer burial containers, urns, vaults, etc.
3. Accommodation Items – opening/closing of grave, death certificates, newspaper obituary, flowers, clothing, clergy honorarium, luncheon.

There will also be additional costs involved in final disposition (Cemetery/Mausoleum space, cremation fees and permits) depending on your choices. Casey Family Options can help you make sense of all the confusion – without you having to spend a fortune to get a quality funeral. We have helped thousands of Wisconsin families to make the choices that are right for them.

Q. Why do Funerals cost close to $10,000?

A. Funeral Costs = Overhead Costs + Profit Margins. The formula is very simple. If you have low overhead and minimal profit expectations, you can provide quality funerals at lower costs.

Casey Family Options does not have the overhead costs of a traditional funeral home. We offer high quality services at your choice of service locations (private residence, cemetery chapel, your church or hall).

Over the years, traditional funeral homes have taken profit margins on caskets up to 4-5 times (or more) than the actual cost they paid for caskets. This applies to other funeral merchandise – all with the ultimate goal to increase the profit margins for the funeral home owners. Additionally, there has been an air of mystery surrounding the funeral and funeral service – all contributing to the end result of some families paying more than needed for the services and merchandise provided.

Q. Why are Casey Family Options’ costs less?

A. Funeral costs have been high because there was no price competition in the market and everyone thought their traditional funeral home was their friend. That may not be the case…

Casey Family Options has cut the excess out of our overhead. We have limited our operating costs when compared to a traditional funeral home. We aren’t paying a large mortgage for a funeral home that is not being used. If you need a facility for visitation or services, we can help you find one at little or no cost.

Our Mission is to provide quality funerals to Wisconsin families that want quality and value for their funeral choice. We have made a strategic decision to accept less profit so that we can offer Wisconsin families (our friends and neighbors) a quality, low cost funeral.

Q. What are my actual savings?

A. Because there are so many decisions and choices involved in planning a funeral, and many funeral providers in the market, there is no way that we can predict the kind of savings you can expect by choosing Casey Family Options.

We can tell you that we have the prices of all the major funeral providers in the marketplace (they are required to provide general price lists to anyone who asks). We are comfortable that Casey Family Options prices will save you 25% to 50% over the price of the same funeral through a traditional funeral home. Let us help you compare the prices!

Q. What is involved in pre-arranging my funeral?

A. Pre-arranging your funeral is as easy as you choose. It can be as simple as making a few general selections, or can be detailed down to the music to be played and the prayer on the memorial cards. It is as easy as sitting with one of the Casey Family Options staff to help you make the choices and decisions that are right for you.

Q. Can I really save money by funding my funeral in advance? If yes, how?

A. Yes, many people have found a benefit in funding their funeral in advance. There are many reasons why they would choose to make that decision. One of the most common is that Casey Family Options will guarantee that the funeral service and merchandise that is chosen today, and paid for at today’s prices, will be provided in the future – whenever it is needed. The financial burden will be removed from your loved ones and friends.

Q. What happens to the money that I give Casey Family Options?

A. State law does not allow funeral service providers to keep any of the funds set aside for pre-funding of funerals. All funds must be placed in state-approved funding vehicles or trusts. Those trusts can use a variety of funding vehicles; annuities, bank trusts, and specially designed life insurance that was developed to fund funeral plans. Pekin Life Insurance Company of Pekin, IL, offers whole life insurance coverage.  The best option for you will depend on your personal circumstances.  We will be happy to give you the necessary information, so you can decide which option will be best for you.