Kevin M. Orlakis

It is with great joy to announce the continuation of Mr. Kevin Michael Orlakis’s spirit to the next destination on his journey.

Mr. Orlakis occupied this earthly dimension from 1954 – 2022. He was the son of Robert R. Orlakis and Mary Ellen (Sullivan) Orlakis. He has two brothers, James Robert and Brian who preceed him, with Brian preceding him in death.

Kevin inherited his sense of humor and thirst for knowledge from his mother Mary Ellen and his business acumen from his father Robert.

Kevin was prideful; of being a lifelong eclectic learner with formal education at Gateway Technical College and later graduating from Carthage College in 1981. Subsequently, Mr. Orlakis was a career social worker. He was professionally employed in increasingly responsible positions with hospitals and clinics in both Wisconsin and Illinois until ultimately opening his own successful outpatient clinic, Compassionate Care Counseling. Kevin faced a series of challenges throughout his life and took most in stride with “A little help from my friends”. He found humor in all things and freely shared it with those around him.

With the exception of a few small remembrances to his close friends, the bulk of his estate will provide equivalent scholarships to appropriate candidates from our three community colleges.

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(262) 653-0667

Thoughts for Kevin M. Orlakis;

  • We are so sorry for your loss. I worked with Kevin at Glenbrook Hospital back in the 80’s and I wanted to share a story I’ve told many times through my career, that involved Kevin. We were working with teenagers on an inpatient unit, and one of the boys was upset with me following difficult family session. I was standing in the doorway of the boy’s room when he walked across the room and took his anger out on me, punching me in the face, knocking me into the hall. From out of nowhere comes Kevin, a much more imposing physical presence than I, and he simply crossed his arms and stood between us. I was safe and the youth quickly retreated. I’ll never forget Kevin, the gentle giant; his imposing precense with a full beard and always in a three-piece suit! My wife later had the pleasure of working with Kevin at the Lake County Health Department and we kept in touch as I too ended up working in Kenosha. We will miss him.

    Tim and Kathy McElroy

  • Jenni Zoerner says:

    Seeing this makes my heart just sink. I just spoke with Kevin on earlier in the month. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin – I loved his humor and his entrepreneurial spirit. I will miss you my friend

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