Ralph Bradberry

      Ralph J. Bradberry Jr., age 55, of Kenosha passed away on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 at his home surrounded by his loving family. Ralph was born on July 28, 1965 in Bartow, Florida to Ralph and Inez Bradberry Sr. He lived and worked in Orlando, FL before moving to Kenosha in 2001. Ralph married Melissa Jones on February 19, 2015 in Kenosha. He worked many jobs including in waste management, towing and carpenter in residential construction.

          He was preceded in death by, his parents; his grandparents, Walter and Verney Bradberry and his late fiancé, Vanessa Vasquez.

        Ralph is survived by, his wife, Melissa Bradberry; two sons, Diego Vasquez and Rafael Vasquez-Bradberry; four daughters, Juliana, Makayla, Aracely and Aiyana; a granddaughter, Lexani Vasquez and his brother, Steven Bradberry.

         A visitation for Ralph will be held from 10:30 A.M. until 12:30 P.M.  on Friday, May 28, 2021 at the Kemper Center (6501 – 3rd Avenue). A burial for Ralph will take place on  Friday at 1:30 P.M. at Ascension Cemetery (1920 Buckley Road, Libertyville, IL). In lieu of flowers, memorials to the family would be appreciated.

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Thoughts for Ralph Bradberry;

  • Angela E Rivera says:

    It has been a great journey getting to know you throughout the years. You were a stranger from Florida my cousin dated. Wasn’t sure if I liked you yet, gave you that critical eye. However, I learned you, not just got to know but learned you. Learned that your heart and voice profoundly impacted those around you. thank you for letting me in , I know you are wise with your time. Throughout the years as your sons grew I learned how deeply your love for them went, commitment and time. It saddens me knowing your gone because I remember you Ralph. I remember when my mom died how hard it was that first year. We were all celebrating New Years at Jose’s house. I wasn’t cheering with the crowd. I was off in my own space. The tears poured out and I needed and escape and quickly ran to the garage. I remember you noticed though, you SAW me and came out out side and gave me the biggest and most safest hug, it was me that wasn’t ready for such empathy. I wanted to yell and complain but you were calm. You talked to me , gave me your wisdom and experience. I got that from you a lot. Big Country. LOUD Country. However, I remember those moments. those calming moments. You spoke on religion not with bitterness or hate but with reverence and respect and hard moments of confusion. Always honestly spoken. I know you were a yeller when you talk , in Perez fam you would soon fid out our fav was to communicate is to talk over each other and join 10 conversations at once all in one sitting. One on one convos you also could have. I remember my brother Pedro working at the gas station and him always trying to speak words of encouragement to you and you to him. Every time I seen my brother he would mention your talks. I know my brother Gabriel loved you as well, you were able to work on your granddaughter’s house with him, spend time learning from each other. He said you know a lot, I think he meant that in more ways then one. I know it was hard for him to see someone he admire and learned new ways of your craft from to see you so vulnerable. Many found it hard as you lessened and THE CANCER progressed to see you so vulnerable. Not because they don’t love you but because they loved you too much to see you leave. I find that in saying this how much I admire Melissa , you loyal wife through it all. So many times she hurt for you all I could offer was prayer. So many times she challenged herself to find the words for your sons. I watched her rub your head hoping to ease your pain even if it didn’t, staying by your side. That’s brave love. I will miss you Ralph, your talking about the ocean. Your funny comment I cant put on here that your said about your youngest son ( gruff REAL ways) outta love and concern for him. Valerie and I laughing hard as you talked to D about it. Funny. I hate that I’m getting close to being done writing this bc then it really is goodbye. Isy and I will be at the house together the morning of your funeral so Sara can have the first half and I can go to the burial. Maybe that is why I feel I have so much to say. But you know your brother in law could be there if he could. You loved and greeted him always and spoke to him. Never once backed away from his handicaps , you loved him and he loved you. Period. He was just your brother in law. I went back to the room that day you left and told him you passed. He stared at me with his big browns eyes and rocked himself from side to side as he listened. He would be there, but covid …so we will do what we did when welo passed. Everyone was in Texas but you and your wife and the girls came over with just me, Hilda and Isy and had our own memorial here. So though, I may be going to just the burial …WE will be joining the love at 1030 am with everyone else. I will sit with Isy and speak your name and we will grief, together. God bless you Ralph. God keep his brother and his gf. Hold up Melissa and all the kids. Keep his grandchild safe and may he be REMEMBERED always.

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