Josette Richardson

Just after midnight on December 26th, 2022, our world got a little dimmer. Josette Rae Richardson nèe Knull passed away after bravely fighting cancer. 

Josette was born on the August 16, 1972 in Waukegan, Illinois to Reverend Roy A.G. Knull Jr and Marlene Knull née Feyen.

October 5, 2001, she married Michael Richardson. Josette has two children from a previous marriage; a Daughter, Alexandra Dick and a Son, Jacob Dick. Along with 3 stepchildren; Daughters Lynsi Russell nèe Richardson, Krista and Matt Gineris nèe Richardson, and Son Cory Richardson. Along with 5 granddaughters and one grandson.

Josette had a passion for nature and photography. She loved and adored her family and friends, until the very end. She had a long and successful career at Elmwood Elementry in Zion, Illinois for 17 years.

She is survived by her husband Michael Richardson, children Alexandra Dick and Jacob Dick. Father Rev. Roy A.G. Knull Jr. Brothers, James Knull, Jeremy Knull. Sister Juliane and Joseph McMahon nèe Knull. Nephew Christian McMahon.

She was preceded in death by her mother Marlene Knull and her brother Jacob Knull.

At this time there are no funeral services.

Thoughts for Josette Richardson;

  • Shirley Sawyer says:

    Sending love and prayers in this time of sorrow. I always enjoyed her wonderful photography, she had a talent that will be missed. Love to you and your family.

  • Eileen Beckman says:

    Sending my deepest condolences- I had the honor of meeting Josef at a lunch with Elmwood friends – such an amazing light that was dimmed much too soon – love and prayers

  • Kim Catalano says:

    We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife and partner!😪
    Condolences to you and your family.

    Sending love, Glenn and Kim Catalano

  • Noelle Pollock says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed the time I spent working with her. She was a bright light in the world and will be greatly missed.

  • Timothy E Hoffer says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. She was a big part of my life for 25 years. She had the patience of a saint, the heart of a dragon, and the smile of an angel. I was so fortunate to have a genuine friend like her in my life. I’ll never stop missing her or thinking about her. My heart goes out to Mike and the kids for their loss. I have faith that we’ll all see her again some day. God bless all of you.

  • Krista Gineris says:


    We didn’t talk often. I got so lost in my own life that I lost contact with most. However, when we did talk, the conversations we had were always heartfelt. You were a beacon of light for me in my teenage years. I appreciate that you loved me when I felt like no one else did. You were an amazing bonus mom. I will miss you dearly! Run with the Deer and fly with the Eagles.

  • Nancy Bernard says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Josette was a kind person who I enjoyed working with. Prayers to your family during this difficult time.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Tonight is the celebration of your Life my Love, All miss you so! Stone Creek Restaurant, Winthrop Harbor IL
    Love You Always!

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Hi my one and only as I smile and give you a wink with the left eye.
    This would prompt a smile response and blush reaction. I have
    permanently closed the josetteraephotography fb page as of today,
    and requested downloadable information pertinent to your page.
    Miss you/Love you Always

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Miss you greatly my love. Took a 5 hr walk this morning with cameras in tow. Went to the north portion of IL Beach State Park.
    I took over 900 photos and was able to get that number down to a total of 33 kept. I posted them on facebook for all to see.
    I still do not sleep well, and i refuse to take pills to help me do so. Micco is now at the moment permanently on allergy medication
    to help keep away the nasty ear infections he would get. Love you forever and carry you in my heart always.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Miss you and carry you in heart forever my love. The Chimney project we put together was completed yesterday with the help of my sister and mother. It has and still is difficult to begin and end my days without you in them.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Went to visit Cory 05/19/2023 Love. Cory transferred from Centralia Correctional to Sheridan Correctional which is 70 miles west of Chicago.
    He’s doing well. Miss you every day!

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Well another school year has come and gone my love. This would have been 18yrs of service for you at Elmwood Elementary.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Heavenly good morning my Love. Leaving shortly to Sheridan Correctional Facility to visit with Cory.
    I received yesterday the 22nd a fathers day card from Alexandra & Jacob, it moved me beyond belief.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Hi my Heavenly Love, I’m meeting up with Jeremy on his birthday to repay him the money we still owed.
    Miss You/Love You Forever.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    My thoughts of you are daily, even sometimes hourly my love. Your Heavenly Birthday 08/16/2023 fast approach’s (51). I still cry when I utter your name in conversation, and or when I reach for your hand and its not there. I had another emotional visit with Cory today. Cory is doing the best he can to make it to another day. Love you always my love.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Soon my heavenly love you will be released from your temporary resting place. I will honor your wishes on our 22nd heavenly Wedding Anniversary….Oct 5th. At that time you will truly become my most loved Memory. I will no longer have anything remotely close to being physical of your presence here on Earth. You will truly become one with Nature, as you so eloquently captured in your photography. I Miss you often, and will always love you.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Alexandra and Jacob invited me to breakfast on your beloved Birthday, Aug 16th. We had a good conversation
    going and Alexandra is now living 1 mile from our address currently. Miss you daily and will love you always till my departure.
    Micco misses you too

  • Michael Richardson says:

    LOVE YOU BABE! MISS YOU! Came across our journals that date back to early April 2000. I speak to and of you daily my Love.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Our 1yr anniversary of your passing my lovely wife. At the time of this post, I continue to converse with you daily.
    My existence is so different without you my love. I’m lost and never found. I’m guided by the beating of this heart
    of mine that carries you with me. Miss you and Love you deeply. PS…Alexandra and I meet up @ Home Run for breakfasts
    this morning…you would be so proud of Alex & Jacob.

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