About Us

The staff of Casey Family Options has 53 years of funeral service experience by serving Wisconsin families at the most difficult time of their lives. Our staff includes funeral directors, and licensed and certified professionals – all here to serve the needs of the Southeastern Wisconsin consumer. This is where we grew up, where we live and where we are bringing up our families.

We have heard the concerns from the families we have served – that the cost of a funeral continues to rise – and that some people had to accept less of a funeral because they couldn’t afford the cost of a funeral through a “traditional funeral home”.

Casey Family Options believes in the Value of a Funeral and in the family bond that can be created by the mutual support that a positive funeral experience can provide.

We offer many of the same services that are provided by a traditional funeral home but we serve families that consider PRICE a major factor in choosing a funeral provider. This does not mean sacrificing QUALITY for PRICE. It means getting a VALUE for your dollar. We do not offer some of the services offered by a traditional funeral home. Those few services contribute significantly to the high overhead cost of a funeral through a traditional provider.

Casey Family Options can provide each of our families the OPTIONS for the personalization of the funeral – these are opportunities to make the funeral a personal and meaningful event without significantly increasing the cost.